The Present Tense - Grammar gym

The Simple Present tense

Points to remember:    1.   We use this tense to show
                                            a/ habitual actions
                                            b/ what is true now or always is

                                      2.   We usually use this tense along with: often, always, every day, usually, etc.

                                      3.   This tense adds 's' (or 'es') for the third person singular.

Examples:   I go to school every day.
                  He usually takes a walk after dinner.
                  It often rains in summer.

                  The trains are always on time.

EXERCISE 30   Make complete sentences by pairing Part A with Part B.

Part A

Part B

  1.  Night
  2.  My father
  3.  We
  4.  The moon
  5.  Miss Lee

a/  shines by night.
b/  always wears make-up.
c/  comes early in winter.
d/  have fish for dinner nearly every day.
e/  works for a small bank.

  6.  Our house
  7.  Mr. Lee
  8.  We
  9.  The apples
10.  This table

f/  seats four people only.
g/  lives alone in Taipo.
h/  sell at $1 each.
i/  have music lessons on Monday and Friday.
j/  faces north.

Answer     EXERCISE 30   (Page 39)
1. c       2. e       3. d       4. a       5. b       6. j       7. g       8. i       9. h       10. f       

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