The Present Continuous Tense - Grammar gym

 The Present Continuous tense

Points to remember:  1. We use this tense to show an action happening at the                               moment of speaking.

                          2. We often use this tense along with: now, still, at
                           present, at the moment, etc.

Examples:   What are you doing?
                   I am writing a letter at the moment.

             What is Tom doing?
             He is reading in the room now

EXERCISE 37  Complete the sentences with verbs in the SIMPLE PRESENT tense or the PRESENT CONTINUOUS tense.

  1. Open the door, Joe.  Someone .... (knock) at the door.

  2. Where is Tom?
       He .... (watch) television.

  3. Paul and I .... (go) to the same school.  He often .... (help) me with my work.

  4. I .... (like) music.  I .... (study) the piano under Mrs. Green now.

  5. Are you going home, Mr. Lee?
       No, I .... (go) to the office.

  6.    Jack and I .... (go) to school together every day.  We .... (wait) for the school bus at the moment.

  7. Open your mouth, Sally.  I .... (want) to see your teeth.

  8. Are the boys reading in the room?
       No, they .... (play) in the garden.

  9. It is late autumn now.  Leaves .... (fall) off.

10.  Mr. lee is out of Hong Kong at present.   He .... (visit) Singapore.

Answers     EXERCISE 37   (Page 43)        
1. is knocking       2. is watching       3. go/helps       4. like/am studying       5. am going       6. go/are waiting      
7. want        8. are playing       9. are falling       10. is visiting

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