The Present Perfect Tense - Grammar gym

The Present Perfect tense

We use the present perfect tense to show:

1.    an immediate past action.

       Examples:   I have just studied your plan.
                    The plane has just arrived.

2.    a past action whose time is not given.

       Examples:   I have seen him before.
                    Mr. Lee has sold his car already.

3.    an action which began in the past and is still continuing.

       Examples:   I have lived here since 2000.
                    We have known Mr. Lee for ten years.

EXERCISE 39  Complete the following sentences with verbs in the PRESENT CONTINUOUS tense or the PRESENT PERFECT tense.

1.    Where is father, Peter?
       He .... (work) in the garden now.

2.    Where is Mr. Lee, Jim?
       He .... (just go) to the bank with the manager.

3.    Where is my schoolbag, Mummy?
       I .... (just put) it on the table.

4.    Where is Betty, Joe?
       She .... (talk) on the phone at the moment.

5.    What are you here for, Peter?
       I .... (wait) for the school bus.

  6. What are you doing, Sally?
       I ..... (clean) my shoes.

  7. Are you free this afternoon?
       Yes, I ..... (finish) my homework already.

  8. Is Mr. Lee free for lunch now?
       No, he ..... (see) visitors at the moment.

  9. Can I speak to Mr. Lee, please?
       I'm sorry.  He ..... (just go) home.

10.  Can you come over and see us now?
       I'm sorry.  I ..... (expect) a friend at the moment.

Answers     EXERCISE 39   (Page 45)
1. is working       2. has just gone       3. have just put       4. is talking       5. am waiting       6. am cleaning       7. have finished       8.  is seeing        9. has just gone       10. am expecting



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