The Past Tense - Grammar gym

The Simple Past tense

Learn the past forms of verbs

 1.  By adding 'ed' or 'd'
       die/died             look/looked        add/added         want/wanted
       fail/failed           clean/cleaned    rain/rained        use/used

 2.  By doubling the last letter and adding 'ed'
       rub/rubbed       stop/stopped     spot/spotted      step/stepped
       admit/admitted occurred            rob/robbed        control/controlled

 3.  By changing the last letter 'y' into 'i' and adding 'ed'
       cry/cried            dry/dried           reply/replied     carry/carried
       marry/married  copy/copied       try/tried            study/studied

       give/gave           send/sent          bring/brought   fall/fell

       see/saw             win/won            sing/sang          run/ran

EXERCISE 42   Answer the following questions with the given words.  Use the verbs in the SIMPLE PAST tense.  You may use pronouns.

  1. What did you find in her handbag?
       (find a sharp knife)

  2. What did Tom write on the wall?
       (write his girlfriend's name)

  3. What did you see in the garden last night?
       (see a stranger)

  4. What did you buy at the shop yesterday?
       (buy a T-shirt)

  5. What did Sally wear for the party last night?
       (wear a blue dress)

  6. When did Tom arrive in town?
       (last Sunday)

  7. When did you hear the news?
       (late last night)

  8. When did Paul receive the letter?
       (two days ago)

  9. When did Mr. Lee leave the office?
       (half an hour ago)

10.  When did they start the plan?
       (two years ago)

Answers     EXERCISE 42   (Page 48)
1. I found a sharp knife .....       2. He wrote his girl friend's name .....       3. I saw a stranger .....      
4. I bought a T-shirt .....       5. She wore a blue dress .....       6. He arrived ..... last Sunday.       7. I heard ..... late last night       8. He received ..... two days ago.       9. He left ..... half an hour ago.       10. They started ..... two years ago.   



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