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The Simple Future tense

About Shall/Will

We use shall or will to show futurity.
We use shall for the first person, singular or plural.

Examples:   We shall move to France soon.
                   I shall meet you at the bus-stop to-morrow.

We use will for the second or third person, singular or plural.

Examples:   You will know the result very soon.
                   They will come again next Monday.
                   The plane will arrive in five minutes.

Don't say:   I shall finish the report after twenty minutes.
                   I shall finish the report twenty minutes later.

       Say:      I shall finish the report in twenty minutes.

Don't say:   They will start a new plan recently.

       Say:      They will start a new plan shortly.

EXERCISE 46   Complete the following sentences with verbs in the SIMPLE FUTURE tense.  Use 'shall' for the first person, 'will' for the second or third person.

  1. We ..... (meet) again at Mr. Lee's office next Monday.

  2, We ..... (have) a picnic next week.

  3. Mr. Lee ..... (be) back in a moment.

  4. I ..... (give) you an answer in two days, Henry.

  5. The students ..... (have) a test shortly.

  6. John and Betty ..... (come) to our party this evening.

  7. My father ..... (leave) Hong Kong for Singapore next Friday.

  8. Susan ..... (go) shopping with her mother this afternoon.

  9, The teachers ..... (have) a meeting to-morrow.

10.  Joe ..... (be) fourteen on his next birthday.

Answers     EXERCISE 46   (Page 51)
1. shall meet       2. shall have       3. will be       4. shall give       5. will have       6. will come       7. will leave       8. will go       9. will have       10. will be    

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