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Subject + Verb + to-infinitive

Compare these two sentences :

                1.  I want a dictionary.
                2.  I want  to leave now.

In construction, 'to leave now' is similar to 'a dictionary'.  It is the object of the very 'want'.  Many verbs are used with a to-infinitive.

Examples :         I hope to see him again.
                          The robber threatened to kill the manager.
                          We learn to speak English.
                          It began to rain.

Note : We do not add 's', 'ing' or 'ed' to the word after 'to'.

EXERCISE 19   Write out the sentences.  Put in a subject and use a to-infinitive in each case.

Example :    (Subject)/proposed/build a hospital.
                   The chairman proposed to build a hospital.

  1.  (Subject)/likes/collect old coins.

  2.  (Subject)/tried/contact the driver.

  3.  (Subject)/forgot/do her homework.

  4.  (Subject)/decided/buy another car.

  5.  (Subject)/planned/move house.

  6.  (Subject)/hope/have better weather.

  7 . (Subject)/promised/help us.

  8.  (Subject)/wish/visit Singapore.

  9.  (Subject)/continued/support us.

10.  (Subject)/pretended/know the answer.

11.  (Subject)/refused/sing at the party.

12.  (Subject)/expect/win the match.

Answers     EXERCISE 19   (Page 26)
1. Tom likes to collect old coins.        2. The policeman tried to contact the driver.        3. Mary forgot to do her homework.       4. Mr. Lee decided to buy another car.       5. The Browns planned to move house.        6. We hope to have better weather.       7. Joe promised to help us.       8. I wish to visit Singapore.       9. Mr. Lee continued to support us.       10. Jack pretended to know the answer.        11. The girls refused to sing at the party.       12. We expect to win the match.   

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