Subject+Verb+2 Objects - Grammar gym

Subject + Verb + 2 Objects

In this pattern, the verb takes two objects.

Examples :        I sent him a letter.
                         (= I sent a letter to him.)

                         He gave me a stamp.
                         (= He gave a stamp to me.)

EXERCISE 17   Re-write the following sentences.  Follow the above examples.

1.            Mother bought a pen for me.

2.            He asked a question of me.

3.            I told a story to her.

4.            My sister made a doll for me.

5.            She ordered a cake for us.

6.            He brought the file to me.

7             I lent ten dollars to her.

8.            He threw the ball to me.

9.            The boy handed the bag to me.

10.          Miss Lee sang a song for us.

11.          I wrote a full report to them.

12.          Mr. Chan taught Chinese to us.

Answers     EXERCISE 17   (Page 23)

1. Mother bought me a pen.       2. He asked me a question.       3. I told her a story.       4. My sister made me a doll.       5. She ordered us a cake.       6. He brought me the file.       7. I lent her ten dollars.       8. He threw  me the ball.       
9. The boy handed me the bag.       10. Miss Lee sang us a song.       11. I wrote them a full report.       12. Mr. Chan taught us Chinese.

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