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Sentence Transformation

EXERCISE  106        Re-write the following sentences as directed.

Points to remember :     1.    Be careful not to change the meaning.
                                     2.    Use the same tense of the verb.

                           Example :    This book belongs to me.  (Use : mine)
                                              This book is mine.

  1. Peter and Joe are good swimmers.  (Use : swim well)

  2. Mr Lee speaks English beautifully.  (Use : beautiful English)

  3. Betty is taller than Mary.  (Use : not so tall as)

  4. Mother bought a pen for me.  (Omit : for )

  5. Mrs Lee was hit y the falling stone.  (Re-write : in the active voice)

  6. Our chairman is a man of wisdom.  (Use : wise)

  7. Mary went to Macau with Susan.  (Use : together)

  8. What's your age?  (Use : old)

  9. Mr Lee is a music teacher.  (Use : teaches)

10   We use our ears to hear.  (Use : with our ears)

11.  Peter is coming to see me this afternoon.   (Use : will come)

12.  He spoke to me in a very rude manner.   (Use : rudely)

Answer     EXERCISE 106   (Page 109)
1. Peter and Joe swim well.       2. Mr. Lee speaks beautiful English.      3. Mary is not so tall as Betty.        4. Mother bought me a pen.       5. The falling stone hit Mrs. Lee.       6. Our chairman is a wise man.       7. Mary and Susan went to Macau together.       8. How old are you?       9. Mr. Lee teaches music.       10. We hear with our ears.        11. Peter will come to see me this afternoon.       12. He spoke to me rudely. 

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