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When we want to add something to a verb, we use an adverb or adverb phrase.

Examples :      That girl sings beautifully.         (adverb)

                       They live in a small flat.            (adverb phrase)

The most commonly used adverbs are:

a/     Time :                 now, soon, yesterday, before, in the afternoon, last week,
                                    at 4 o'clock, every day, etc.

b/     Place :                 here, there, everywhere, in Hong Kong, behind the door,                                         
                                    on the table, etc.

c/     Manner :              slowly, quickly, carefully, beautifully, with water, by car,
                                    in ink, etc.

d/     Frequency :        often, always, seldom, sometimes, usually, again, once a
                                    week, etc.

e/     Degree :             very, quite, nearly, almost, etc.

f/      Negative :          not, never, hardly, no, etc.

EXERCISE 97   Use a suitable adverb or adverb phrase in each of the following sentences.

1.      I go to church ..... . (time)
2.      Please put the bag ..... . (place)
3.      ..... we have fish for breakfast. (frequency)
4.      The falling stone ..... hit his head.  (degree)
5.      You will find her house ..... .  (manner)
6.      Listen to me ....., Tom.  (manner)
7.      You must ..... teach a child before its friends.  (negative)
8.      I went shopping ..... .  (time)
9.      We shall move to Shatin ..... .  (time)
10.    It is rather expensive to travel ..... .  (manner)
11.    Tell me about your plan ..... , please.  (manner)
12.    I ..... have breakfast at home.  (frequency)

Answers     EXERCISE 97   (Page 103)
1. every Sunday       2. here/on the table       3. Usually/Often       4. nearly          5. easily       6. carefully       7. not/never       8. yesterday       9. next week       10. by air       11. in detail       12. often/always

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