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When we speak of one person or thing, we use the positive degree.

Examples:    Miss Lee is a tall girl.
                    This book is useful. 

                    My mother is as old as my father.
                    Susan is as beautiful as her mother. 

                    The moon is not so big as the earth.
                    Silver is not so useful as iron.

When three or more persons or things are compared, we use the superlative degree.  We use 'the' before the adjective.

Examples:    I have three sons.
                    Paul is the strongest.

                    There are forty girls in the class.
                    Sally is the most beautiful.

EXERCISE 94   Write out the following sentences, using the words in brackets in the correct form of comparison.

  1.   I have ..... (many) marbles.

  2. Joe knows ..... (many) Chinese words than Peter.

  3. Susan is as ..... (clever) as her brother.

  4. This bag is the ..... (heavy) of the three.

  5. His brother is a ..... (good) singer.

  6. Dogs are ..... (large) than cats.

  7. Your book is ..... (thick) than mine.

  8. I am not so ..... (tall) as my father.

  9. Tom is the ..... (short) boy in the class.

10. I'm sorry.  The line is ..... (busy) at the moment.

11. The Nile is ..... (long) than the Indus.

12. Mount Everest is the ..... (high) mountain in the world.

Answers     EXERCISE 94   (Page 101)
1. many       2. more       3. clever       4. heaviest       5. good       6. larger       7. thicker      8. tall       9. shortest   
10. busy       11. longer    12. highest

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