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The natives use dog meat as food.                                        (active)
Dog meat is used as food by the natives.                              (passive)

The policeman killed two robbers.                                        (active)
Two robbers were killed by the policeman.                           (passive)

The directors will study the plan.                                         (active)
The plan will be studied by the directors.                             (passive)

Not any transitive verb can be used in the passive voice.  The use must be natural and conform to usage.

Examples:      I eat an apple every day.                       (natural)
                       An apple is eaten by me every day.       (unnatural)

                       I like dogs.                                             (natural)
                       Dogs are liked by me.                            (unnatural)

Sometimes, we can omit the agent 'by ....'.

Examples:   A bank was robbed (by three young men) yesterday.

                  Misprints are often found (by us) in a new book.

EXERCISE  53   Re-write the following sentences in the passive voice.

  1. Beginners often make such mistakes.

  2. Columbus discovered America in 1492.

  3. The policeman took the wounded man to hospital.

  4. The villagers respect Mr. Lee for his great learning.

  5. The old students will form a music club.

  6. The government passed a law last week.

  7. The teacher praised Linda for her honesty.

  8. The workers will put up posters on the walls.

  9. The policeman searched the travelers carefully.

10.  The headmaster will invite some scholars to the dinner party.

Answers     EXERCISE 53   (Page 60)

1. Such mistakes are often made by beginners.       2. America was discovered by Columbus in 1492.       3. The wounded man was taken to hospital by the policeman.       4. Mr. Lee is respected by the villagers for his great learning.       5. A music club will be formed by the old students.       6. A law was passed by the government last week.       7. Linda was praised by the teacher for her honesty.       8. Posters will be put up on the walls by the workers.       9. The travellers ere searched carefully by the policemen.       10. Some scholars will be invited to the dinner party by the headmaster.



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