Proper part of speech - Grammar gym

Proper part of speech

EXERCISE 100   Use the words in brackets in the proper part of speech.

Examples :     Horses are (use) animals.
                       Horses are useful animals.                            (adjective)

                       These apples (sale) at $2 each.
                       These apples sell at $2 each.                               (verb)

                       The boy pointed a gun at me (sudden).              
                       The boy pointed a gun at me suddenly.              (adverb)

                       I say this out of (kind).
                       I say this out of kindness.                             (noun)

  1.    I have seen Mr Lee three times since my (arrive).

  2.    One (storm) night, a wolf appeared in the village.

  3.    Pele is a (fame) footballer.

  4.    Tom (success) in getting the prize last week.

  5.    The visitors have come from (differ) countries.

  6.    Mary sang (good) at the party last night.

  7.    We have decided to (sale) our house.

  8.    They lived together (happy).

  9.    Many people died of (hungry) during the war.

10.     It's rather cold and (wind) today.

11.     Mr Lee is (danger) ill.

12.     I'm (sorrow) for the mistake, Mr Hill.

Answers    EXERCISE 100   (Page 106)
1. arrival         2. stormy       3. famous       4. succeeded       5. different       6. well       7. well   
8. happily       9. hunger       10. windy       11. dangerously       12. sorry 

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