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EXERCISE 91   Follow the example.  Write out the sentences with the given notes.

Examples:   There are three boys in the room.
                    (All/speak Japanese)
                    (Every/is carrying a travelling bag)

                    There are three boys in the room.
                    All the boys speak Japanese.
                    Every boy is carrying a travelling bag.

1.      There are three houses.
         (All/face south)
         (Every/has a window)

2.      There are four books.
         (All/have red covers)
         (Every/bears the owners name)

3.      There are three girls.
         (All/are wearing blue dresses)
         (Every/is carrying a handbag)

4.      There are four rooms.
         (All/have windows)
         (Every/has a television set)

5.      There are three cars.
         (All/have built-in radios)
         (Every/has a different number)    

Example:     There were two robbers.
                    (Both/spoke Japanese)
                    (Each/was carrying a knife)

                    There were two robbers.
                    Both robbers spoke Japanese.
                    Each robber was carrying a knife.

6.      There are two beginners' classes.
         (Both/contain boys and girls)
         (Each/has a monitor)

  7.   There are two small old ferries.
         (Both/run between the villages)
         (Each/carries forty people)

  8.   There are two boxes.
         (Both/contain shoes)
         (Each/weighs 10 kilos)

  9.   There are two hours.
         (Both/have gardens)
         (Each/sells at US$200,000)

10.    There are two hills.
         (Both/have windows)

         (Each/seats 200 people)

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